Do you ship to Michigan?

No we don't sale to the state of Michigan. Michigan is the first state to prohibit retail and online sales of flavored e-liquids.

Do you ship to Illinois?

Unfortunately due to the regulations and local laws in Illinois we are unable to ship to that sate.

Do your juices contain sweeteners?

Our juice does not contain any sweeteners or additives.


Do your  e-liquids bottles have childproof caps?

Yes!  Five Star Juice bottle caps meet CPSC standards for child resistance and our e-liquid bottles have tamper evident features. However, to be safe, always keep products out of reach of children and pets.


Where are Five Star Juice e-liquids bottled?

We manufacture and bottle all of our e-liquds in Torrance California.


How should I store and maintain e-liquid?


When exposed to excessive heat, cold, light, or air, the flavor integrity can be affected. Generally, when used before the “best by” date,. All Five Star Juice flavors are designed to be ready to vape the moment you purchase them.  However, flavor is subjective. Many users find that their flavors improved over time with exposure to heat, light and air. If you ever experience an issue with your Five Star Juice product, contact us immediately and we will work with you to solve the problem. You must store them correctly and in a safe place, cool and dry place. Keep them in a sealed container at room temperature.